I am glad the election is over

I am not overly thrilled with the results, but I am glad that it is over.  We can now watch television without being constantly bombarded with political ads… We can now get the mail and really get mail and not a bunch of political flyers (the final count was 42 flyers and I am shredding them this weekend and putting the remains in our recycling bin)

I think that this country will be tested in an unbelievable fashion. I am not a prophet nor do I know the future, but when you elect someone who has vowed to cut the military (like all Democrats do) and someone who has no regard for human life (Obama is pro-choice)and supports abortion.  What else can we expect?  I believe that Christians will be tested and their faith will be put to the test as well.  Do you really believe what you say you do?  Get ready, because some persecution will come… Also, Obama wants to sit down and dialogue with the leaders of Iran, Cuba and Venezuela…. that is nothing less than a trifecta of trouble!


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