An interesting exchange

Recently, I have been attempting to teach Joseph simple principles about obedience, kindness, etc. and I was not sure if any of it was sinking it, or if he was just hearing words with no meaning.  Last night proved me wrong!

We were in the church nursery in the 2 yr olds and Joseph was playing with a couple of his friends and they got a bit rowdy and he was about ready to take a toy from one of them.  I saw it and I asked him to come to me.  When he got there I reminded him about being kind to others.  A while back I had taught part of Ephesians 4:32,  “Be ye kind one to another”.  All I said was you need to be kind and he recited the verse as I taught him.  He said, “ok dad” and went back to playing and there was no problem.

I was stunned for a second, because I had taught him part of Ephesians 4:32 and had attempted in times past to give him some concrete examples of being kind to others and I was not sure it was sinking it.  Last night was some confirmation that the Word has taken some root in his life.

God uses moments like this to remind us of the power of the Word and that even when we think they don’t get it, they really do!


One response to “An interesting exchange

  1. I have found that the same is true of adults. I often say to the congregation that it may feel like the Word isn’t bearing fruit, but one day something will happen and BAM! it will hit you and you’ll say, “That’s what the preacher was talking about!” or “That’s what Jesus meant.”

    God is always faithful to teach us what we need to know.

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