Mort’s Deli – Golden Valley, MN

Last evening, we had the opportunity to try a new restaurant in our area.  Mort’s Deli recently opened and we thought that we would try it.  I tried to have lunch here last Friday, but it was too busy and I did not have the time to wait.  Dinner was a different story, we still had to wait, but the wait was not bad and we had time to look in the deli case and the dessert case as well.

We were seated and took a look at the menu with all of its offerings, so many choices!  We decided to try some of the matzo-ball soup (our son even tried some and he liked it!).  My wife had the Wendy chicken sandwich and I decided on some rotisserie turkey (yes, even with Thanksgiving being so close), and a side order of mashed potatoes for our son.  While we were waiting, one of the owners stopped by and thanked us for coming and apologized because they were out of corned beef (they use approximately 1100 lbs of corned beef a day!) We thanked him for stopping by and told him that we would definitely return another time to try the corned beef.

Our food arrived and we were surprised at the large portions and what a great value they were for the price!  I ended up sharing some of my turkey with Joseph and he enjoyed it along with his mashed potatoes and soup.  My wife’s sandwich was huge and it came with their homemade potato chips.  She ended up taking half of the sandwich home because it was so big!  The chips are great, too.

Overall, I would say that Mort’s is doing a great job and you will enjoy their food and the personal service that you will receive.  Be prepared for a wait at lunch and dinner, but it is well worth the wait.  We will be back!


2 responses to “Mort’s Deli – Golden Valley, MN

  1. It’s still hard to believe when I hear you say, “My wife”! (As I read your posts I can hear your voice saying them.)

    BTW, why am I not on your blogroll? I know I’m not KJV-Only but I thought we were friends. (That’s a joke, see.)

  2. You have been added. It was a sin of omission!

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