Spiritual exchanges

Recently, I have been having some interesting spiritual exchanges with my 2 1/2 year old son Joseph.  He has asked me questions about God, Jesus and heaven.  This has been a good reminder to me of how these things are to be taught in the home and reinforced in the church and Sunday school ministry.  Also, it has been a good reminder that Joseph is starting to ask questions and that I must be very careful how things are explained to him, so that I do not lead him into a misunderstanding or a false impression of salvation.

He also saw me writing out our check to the church and he asked more about that.  I tried as best as I could to explain it to him.  Not sure if it kicked in, but he said that he was going to right a check to God!  It may not be what I intended for him to understand, but it is a start!

Praise God for these small opportunities and reminders to continue to pray for our children!


One response to “Spiritual exchanges

  1. Excellent story! Their little hearts are so tender and they want to learn about everything; that is the time to teacxh them about the Lord.

    My four-year-old-daughter, Sophia, can quote whole passages of Scripture and when it is her turn to pray before a meal and we are in a restaurant, she prays very loudly. She has no shame or embarrasment at all.

    What a joy to be able to teach our children about the Lord!

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