Second Visit to Mort’s Deli

On Fridays, we usually try to go out to eat if we are able to afford it.  Last night we decided to go to Mort’s Deli again in Golden Valley.  We went right before Thanksgiving and enjoyed it.  I wrote an earlier review on that visit here.

We were there about the same time but noticed that we did not have to wait and the dining room was about 3/4s full.  We decided to order some different items this time.  I had a sandwich that had both corned beef and turkey on it.  My wife ordered a Kentucky hot-brown sandwich.  We also had the matzo ball soup which we enjoyed last time.

The food was great, but a few minor glitches.  Mine and my son’s mac n cheese sat under the warmer (we were seated near the kitchen and I could see it) while we were waiting for my wife’s sandwich.  The food was finally served, but my wife realized that her sandwich was missing a tomato, not a big deal, but since we had to wait for it, one would figure that it would be complete.  Even without the tomato, it tasted great.  My sandwich was great also.  I have not had corned beef in a long time and it was just as good as I remembered.

The service was great.  We will be back as we can afford it.  I still think that they are working out the bugs that occur with any new establishment.  They were out of bacon and some other items, but it did not affect us.    Hopefully in the midst of the economic recession, Mort’s will be able to survive in this economy.  It is a welcomed addition to the Golden Valley area.


4 responses to “Second Visit to Mort’s Deli

  1. Is this at Hwy 55 at Winnetka?

  2. We went to Mort’s a week ago yesterday. It was OK but not fantastic. Kathee had stuffed cabbage.

    For an older deli experience try Crossroads Deli at Hopkins crossing and Cedar Lake in Hopkins. We wee there Thursday night. It is about 30% less than Mort’s. The owner is on site and comes by every table.

    Our Mort’s experience for 2 with tip was over $ 40. At Crossroads, I bought 4 meals for $ 62.

    • We have been to Crossroads before. I think that the food at both places is about the same. When we were at Mort’s, we saw one of the three owners and spoke with him briefly on our first visit. On our second visit, we saw a different owner of the three on site. I am glad that we have both Mort’s and Crossroads in the NW Suburbs. Nothing like good healthy competition.

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