How things change… and how we adjust to them

Last week I was sharing with you how my car would not start and how the Lord used someone to come get it started and I thought that was the end of the story.   Well, today I found out that it would cost me more than the car’s value in order to get it fixed.  I ended up donating the car to the Courage Center today.  They will get it from the dealership and tow it to their facility.  They will in turn fix it up and sell it to help their organization.

Now we are a one-car family.  If we still lived in our old place in Golden Valley, it would not be a big deal because I could walk to work and we were fairly close to everything (church, bank, dentist, etc.)  Now being 9 miles from work and church, it will certainly bring some challenges in our lives.   For now, it looks like I will be riding Metro Transit to and from work, it stops right out in front of our apartment complex and stops a block from where I work..

I am conflicted in a couple of ways.  1) I do not want to assume anymore debt (car payments), but it looks like I will have no choice.  2) Part of me is thinking that a second car was merely a luxury and not a necessity, but if we did not have winter, then I could buy a bike and ride everywhere…  Today the temp was -5 outside and going to be -19 overnight… not exactly weather to walk or bike in…

I am thankful that when the car broke down it was at the dealership and that we were not on the road somewhere when it happened.  I am thankful that it did not happen while seminary was in session, that would have really made life difficult — seminary starts back 1/27, so I have some time to figure out what we will be able to do.  I am thankful that I had the car for 7 years and paid it off early… I got my money’s worth out of it.  The only bummer is that I just paid to renew the tags for another year… oh well… time to sit back and see how the Lord will work in this situation.

Please pray for us as we work through this situation… that we would have patience.


5 responses to “How things change… and how we adjust to them

  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. It is refreshing, though, to hear someone who is grateful in the midst of trouble rather than complaining.

    Sad to say, but in our country, personal transportation is almost a basic necessity. At least you have decent public transportation nearby. That’s not the case here. And your son isn’t in school yet; that would be an extra thing to have to think about.

    I pray the Lord will give you wisdom and provide for you (and I know he will do both).

  2. What was it? Timing belt? Head gasket? Tranny?

    What did you decide to do? Great deals on new cars (Star Trib today)

  3. It was an exhaust leak, idler arm, rear manifold leak, driver door hinges, etc. A bunch of stuff that would cost more than what the vehicle was worth. My rule is do not pay more for repairs than 1/2 of the vehicle’s value.

    Currently, we are a one-car family, we are looking for a used car. We are looking at either a Mazda Tribute, Ford Escape, or Toyota Camry with reasonable mileage (between 10-12k per year) and a reasonable price. We have been looking via the Internet on Vehix, Carsoup, etc. and we have formed a list of 27 cars ( I put them in an Excel spreadsheet) We will sit down tomorrow and narrow the list down considerably. We are hoping to make a purchase before the 31st.

  4. Suggest when you narrow your choices run a CarFax report on the one you want.

    About the Camry. My Brother in Law and Sister bought 2 new Camrys back in 1994. They had a great experience with them … putting approx 150K miles before they got rid of them. My folks bought a new Mercury Sable the same year. Last year Mom’s Sable died with only 60K miles on it.

    I think the Camry is a good car

    • We will do that along with having the vehicle inspected by a mechanic. I used to own a Camry and drove the wheels off of it.

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