Friday was an interesting day

I do not believe in “luck”, but rather I believe in the providence and sovereignty of God.

This is how my Friday went.

1) Went to leave for seminary and the check engine light in our older car (1996 Honda came on) car acted like it was going to die when I went to drive it.   Did not want to be late for class, so I quickly went to use our newer car

2) Got in the newer car and raced to seminary.  When I got there, I realized that I had forgotten my keys to get in the building and something that I needed for class.  Realizing that I needed to get the car problem resolved.  I drove back home

3) As a result of this, I missed my class and a quiz for that day (professor is allowing me to makeup!)

4) I finally got the car running and took it to AutoZone where they pulled the code and it was some car-lingo that I did not quite understand, but the car runs and gets me from point A to point B without any trouble.

5) When I got to work, I had already called in and told my manager what was going on, so some of my colleagues were asking if everything was okay… I shared with them what had happened thus far.  Some of them said that I should have stayed home.  On Fridays, our company provides free doughnuts, fruit, bagels, etc. for the employees.  I went down and got a bagel, only to cut it open and find that it was moldy inside… Had to throw it away

6) Later in the day, the zipper on my pants broke, so I had to wear my coat to cover this, luckily it was late in the day and most everyone had gone home and I did not have to leave my cubicle much.

7) I also received an email stating that my manager had put in a request for a laptop for me.  The request was denied.

8) I went to retrieve some email on my cell phone and lost two important emails…with no way to recover (Thanks Comcast)

So how was your Friday?


3 responses to “Friday was an interesting day

  1. Sounds like a rough day.

    I am recouping from the Shingles. I took off Friday and played two sets of pool with my Brother.

    We ordered pizza in

    Also worked on my young adult ministry study material.

  2. My prayers are with you, my brother.


  3. Mike, thanks I truly appreciate all the prayers that are said on our behalf.

    Jim, sorry to hear about the shingles. My dad and father in law both had them recently and I have heard about how painful they can be! Pizza sounds good!

    Overall, it was a rough day, but the Lord allowed these things (all of them) to happen for a reason. Right now, I am not exactly sure as to what that reason is, but I am glad that I do not believe in faith, luck, or open theism!

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