A conversation…

I would like to start a conversation here and maybe on another blog about some things..

1) I am within 1 year of finishing my MDiv.  What is the determining factor for either stopping with my  formal education once I receive that degree or continuing post-graduate studies (PhD. DMin, etc)?

2) Someone has said once you get to the doctoral level, it is not about what discipline you undertake or the seminary you attend, it is about who you study under in that discipline?

I am interesting in hearing from you…

Monday Update:  3) Here is another question that I am adding to the discussion/conversation

When and why did we go from “pastor” to “Senior Pastor, Administrative Pastor, Executive Pastor and this one gets me, “Preaching Pastor”?

Again, your contributions are welcome and encouraged!


4 responses to “A conversation…

  1. I’m facing the same dilemma, Terry. I am already in ministry, though, so that changes the landscape for me.

    I don’t know that there is a determining factor for no. 1, and if there is, it might be different for different people. For me, I have two years left on my M.Div. and I am trying to balance (1) that my son will be a teenager when I finish and my daughter will be starting elementary school against (2) I will be 41 when I get my M.Div. and I’m not getting any younger.

    Your number 2 I have never heard before but it makes a lot of sense, though I still wouldn’t dismiss the discipline or, especially, the seminary.

  2. Re the various adjectives attached to Pastor. I’m certain it is recent phenomenon. But that doesn’t mean that it is inappropriate.

    The adjectives simply describe various areas of each Pastor’s oversight. Obviously in a single pastor church the adjectival prefix would not be needed!

  3. Jim, I understand what you are saying about the adjectives. Look at what the pastoral epistles say about the office and role of a pastor.

    Preaching pastor troubles me because the implication is that all that person does is preach. If they are only “preaching” and not pastoring (i.e spending time with the people, etc.) then how will their preaching ministry be effective. I think that there is a balance to ministry, but I am finding that most people are not hitting that balance.

  4. I’ve never seen (that I can recall) the title “preaching Pastor”.

    My take is that every Pastor-Elder-Bishop has a teaching role. Whether one calls that preaching or teaching is immaterial. Really what is done from the pulpit at an expository-preacher (or teaching) church is teaching.

    So let’s consider 4th Baptist church … as far as I know all the Pastors are involved in some sort of a teaching ministry. Some is in small groups and some is done in the big room. But it is all teaching.

    My feeling is that the adjectival modifiers highlight perhaps a major area of responsibility. Let’s take a church where they might have the title “Senior Citizens’ Pastor” … well that designation at least points interested parties that if they are a senior … this guy has a ministry focus there.

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