Something a little different

Tonight at our midweek service, instead of a bible study or sermon, our pastor did a reading on the life of William Tyndale.  I enjoyed hearing about Tyndale and the sacrifices that he made in order to get the Scriptures translated into the English language.  As I sit here and type this, I look at my bookshelf and I have seven copies of the Bible on my bookshelf closest to me.  One of the Bibles was my mother’s Bible which was given to me after her death, one is a hardback copy of the 1611 edition of the KJV, one is a Thompson Chain reference Bible, one is an Oxford wide margin that is falling apart, another Bible belonged to my great aunt, another is a Bearing Precious Seed wide-margin that is falling apart.   These Bibles have been “retired” from daily use because of the bindings or pages are loose.

I think about men like Tyndale and John Huss who were burned at the stake for their beliefs and wonder if the day is coming where we may be faced with similar decisions regarding our faith…


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