Be Careful What You Ask For

Well as they say, the voters have spoken and Barak Obama is the President of the United States and he has been for almost three months now.  Watching this administration from a distance has been quite unpleasant, from the repealing of executive orders regarding stem-cell research and taxpayer/federally funded abortions and now things have reached a new level.

Recently, it has become very popular for those who feel that they have suffered unjustly in the wake of this economic downturn, has decided that they will stand in line for a government handout or bailout.    Remember when the auto executives who begged to be bailed out instead of doing the right thing and declaring bankruptcy (and allowing the free-market system to work).  These same auto executives were chided by Congress for arriving in DC via their corporate jets.  I think that they should have thought about that one, maybe fly commercial.  But we must remember that when one decides to accept government bailout monies, that anything is fair game.

This has been exemplified in the recent dismissal or departure of Rick Wagoner from GM.  The media touted it that the President asked Wagoner to resign or step-aside.  In my lifetime, I have never heard of any President ever get so involved in the affairs of a private business (even though GM is a publically traded company).  This should scare you as it does me.  Yes, GM has asked the government for money and they need that money supposedly to survive,  but I think that GM and the general public were unprepared for the actions that took place earlier this week.  I do agree with the President’s statement that he believed that management changes were necessary for GM to survive, but I disagree with how this was handled.

What will be next, the President does not like how things are run at another company and he puts pressure on another CEO to step aside?  This is nothing but socialism at its best.

The Obama administration also spoke about HOPE and CHANGE.  What kind of CHANGE did the American people get?  They received a President with a socialist agenda along with a bunch of has-beens from the Clinton administration.  The only HOPE that we have is that this President serves one term and is not re-elected.

We have an admitted tax-cheat running the Treasury Department.  We have an inept individual serving as the Press Secretary.  We definitely need CHANGE!

Remember when the children of Israel asked God for a king and he gave them King Saul.


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