Attention MN taxpayers

Your elected officials do not think that we are paying enough tax, so they are in the process of raising them.  

You can read the story here

What I found interesting about this story was that 10 DFL’ers crossed over and voted with the Republicans to oppose this increase.  The vote was 35-31, a narrow margin of victory in the Senate.

I guess people like Tom Bakk and Steve Murphy don’t realize that if you keep raising taxes here in MN, that people will eventually get fed up and move elsewhere.  If you do not believe it, look at people leaving California!

Understand that the DFL is proposing tax increases that would give us two of the top ten income tax rates in the country.  You will not stimulate any economy by raising taxes!

I don’t even want to start talking about how the citizens of this state are getting royally ripped off by legislator “per diem” rates!


After I posted this – I went online and emailed both of my representatives in the MN House and Senate.  I urge you to do the same!


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