Rant #1

Well, today was the deadline…. we have been praying for several weeks now.. We received notice today that our rent is being raised.  This is not a good thing.  Now we have until May 31 to decide on a place and sign a lease and pay deposits, etc.

Our options…  

One option is a nice house, rent is reasonable…. but the commute to work/seminary/church would be a killer – 30 miles one way.   I am still having trouble with this option from a stewardship perspective, meaning time on the highway and the extra cost of fuel (now that gas prices are going back up again) and it will mean less family time.

Another option is only 3 miles from church/seminary and 5 from work, it is in a nice neighborhood in Plymouth.  We are going to take a look tomorrow.  It is reasonable, the square footage will meet our needs, etc but the owner has to make a decision and I imagine that we are not the only ones interested…

Please pray that we can find a place before May 31.  We will move at the end of July, just before seminary resumes in the Fall.  Looks like we will not be taking a vacation this year!

Rant done… for now


2 responses to “Rant #1

  1. Will be praying for you.

    My 2 cents. The house that is 30 miles away would be a giant time and gas waster.

    Have you considered just biting the bullet and staying where you are for a year – until graduation and your next move?

    • I agree about the time and gas waster… I have thought about staying here, but they have raised the rent twice in the last two years to the point that it is bad stewardship to pay the amount that they are asking and it is beyond what we can afford. When they raised the rent last year, we stayed, but it was a struggle the entire year to keep from falling behind because of the rent increase. We looked at a place today, but we are in a pickle… the owner will not have a decision on whether or not to rent to us until the end of May — we have to give notice on May 31st. I hate giving notice if we do not have something lined up, but I hate being backed into a corner… Right now, I am also still waiting to see if I am going to get a pay increase this year. I figured low and high estimates for that and it still places the rent out of our budget here. There are no guarantees just because I graduate next year that we will be moving… ministry job market is not that great right now (been looking to see what is available)

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