200th post – a veritable buffet of sorts

Well, I seem to be hitting milestones of all kinds lately.  I turned 40 earlier this year.  The blog has received over 10,000 visits and now I am getting ready to construct my 200th post.  I am thankful to those who have read what I have attempted to write, the subjects have been varied and diversified.  I never thought that I would have lastest this long in th blogsphere, but I am glad that I am still able to write (not as consistent as I want).  Even though I am not widely read, I appreciate those of you who read and comment on what I have written.

Well here we go….

The first week of June, I was off work for the entire week in order to take a summer class at seminary.  The class was on the book of Daniel and it was taught by Dr. Roy Beacham.   I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a lot of about the book of Daniel, now I have the arduous task of completing the “post-course” work which is 650 pgs of supplementary reading along with some required reading and a midterm and a final…. This all has to be done by August 28th.  I am off to a good start and will hopefully finish before the August28th deadline.

It was back to work for three days the next week and then on Thursday, June 11, I flew to LA, CA to attend an alumni meeting.  The school that I graduated from has recently formed an alumni association and I have the unique priviledge of serving as an advisor.  The meeting was Thursday evening just prior to the High School Graduation that evening.  Our meeting continued the next morning at 6AM, we met for breakfast at Henri’s Restaurant on Sherman Way in Canoga Park.  I had never heard of Henri’s before but found out they had been there since 1972!  The food was so good that we went back the next day for breakfast again.  We had the opportunity of staying with the  Hamersky family and they treated us like royalty.  If you have a need for Concierge service, take a look at their website here.  They have a great business model and are doing well.  Thanks to the Hamersky’s for their hospitality and friendship!  One of the more interesting factors about the trip was the fact that the sun did not make an appearance the entire time we were there from Thursday through Saturday afternoon!

I finished the book of Acts while on the way home on the airplance.  I recently purchased a Moleskine notebook for the purpose of recording thoughts, etc. and I have been recording some of my questions and thoughts from my Bible reading.  While reading Acts 20, I realized that I could not stop just after Acts 20, but continued reading until the end of the book (Acts 28).  I would have to say that it is hard just to read one chapter in that section because it is all one cohesive unit of Paul’s experiences and reading it in one sitting is very helpful to gain some kind of understanding of what is taking place and the context as well.

I started Romans this week.  What a tremendous book.  It was the first book of the Bible that I read.  The first verse I memorized back in 1981 was Romans 3:10.  I am enjoying my time each day in Romans.  Currently I am reading one chapter a day (today was 4) in the morning first thing.  Then I have my break time at work around 11:30 and I take a 1 mile walk around the block and I read it again slowly on my iPod touch.  I will make notes in the evening when I get home.  On my second break in the afternoon around 3:00- I usually pray through the passage that I am reading that day.

Currently in our ABF, we our teaching through the Book of Jeremiah.  I am enjoying this opportunity.  I have never taught much in this book, so this is a good exercise.  This week, I have the opportunity to teach through Jeremiah 4.

Next week, the Southern Baptist Convention will be meeting in Louisville, KY.  I am not a Southern Baptist, but I do applaud what is taking place in the SBC around the Great Commission Resurgence.  It will be interesting to see what takes place at the meeting regarding the GCR.  Before the IFB begins to criticize the SBC, just remember the one finger you point at the SBC, there are four others pointing back at yourself.  I think that we can learn something from the SBC in this regard and in many ways, I think that the SBC may surpass what we do in this area.

I am enjoying the summer, but will be gearing up for the Fall Semester fairly soon.  This will be my last year in seminary (unless I go on for post-grad work) and I will earn my MDiv.   I will be getting my resume ready over the next few months in order to start sending it out in January 2010 for potential ministry opportunities.  I am not sure what I will be doing once I graduate next year, but it will be exciting to sit back and see how the Lord will work!

I want to link back to a post that I did some time ago regarding Christian education.  I think that during this graduation season, it deserves a re-read!  You can read it here.

This blog may not be widely-read, but I am thankful for an opportunity to write here in this venue.

Thanks for reading… Comments welcome!


2 responses to “200th post – a veritable buffet of sorts

  1. Nice 200th post

    About Romans, we’ve been studying this at 4bya. If interested my notes are posted over there (all in PDF)

  2. Congrats on your 200th post, Terry!

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