Bicyclists, please stay off the sidewalk

During my workday, I usually take two 15 minute breaks to get away from my desk and to clear my head.  I like to enjoy my breaks by taking a one mile walk around the block in the neighborhood where I work (I used to live in the neighborhood).  I enjoy reading my Bible on my iPod touch and praying during these times in the midst of the traffic and city noise.

Recently, I have almost been hit by people riding bicycles on the sidewalk.  I am not talking about young kids but rather adults who are not only riding on the sidewalk, but against traffic as well.

I rode my bike as a teenager and I rode with traffic and not on the sidewalk.  I cannot figure out why bicyclists are compelled to use the sidewalk when that is meant for pedestrians?

Notice, I used the word “please” in the title…


One response to “Bicyclists, please stay off the sidewalk

  1. Unfortunately, some drivers (generally bus drivers and the elderly) do their best to push cyclists to sidewalks–which often aren’t sufficiently differentiated from bike paths to be well distinguishable.

    Your point is well taken, though; when someone does want to push me to the sidewalk, my response is “do you want a 210 lb guy on a 30 lb bike with a 20 lb backpack going 20mph towards your child on the sidewalk on a rainy day?”

    (rain makes it difficult to stop since the wheel is generally your “disk”)

    Unless I’m talking to someone with the intellect of Joe Biden, the answer is generally “no.” :^)

    Plus, it’s illegal in most towns for an adult cyclist to use the sidewalks.

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