Duluth – July 24-26

Cotton Mansion - Duluth, MN

Cotton Mansion - Duluth, MN

We had the opportunity to go to Duluth, MN for our 5th Anniversary.  We had never been to Duluth before and looked forward to this trip.  Our trip to Duluth was supposd to take 2 1/2 hours but due to road construction it took us 4 hours.   We stayed at the Cotton Mansion.  This was our first experience at a Bed & Breakfast and it far surpassed our expectations.   We enjoyed dinner at Black Woods restaurant just a short distance away from the Cotton Mansion.  The food was excellent and I would recommend if you are in the Duluth area to try Black Woods, the food was wonderful and the service was excellent!

On Saturday we enjoyed breakfast at the Cotton Mansion with the other 5 couples that were staying there.  We met people from all over.  There was even a couple there who were originally from Bulgaria, they have lived in the Twin Cities for 15 years and they both speak excellent English.  After breakfast, we ventured out into Duluth, to see and experience as much as we could in between rain showers.  We went to Canal Park and watched the boats and ships pass beneath the lift bridge.  We also walked across the bridge and out on the causeway.  We had lunch at Little Angies Cantina – a Tex Mex place near  Canal Park.  We also went to the Fitgers complex and walked around and ventured in and our of the shops there.  We went to Enger Park and climbed to the top of Enger Tower, great views of the city of Duluth and surrounding areas.  We also drove the Skyline Ridge scenic route above Duluth.  Later that day, we ventured up to Two Harbors, just a bit north of Duluth and found that there is not much there except for cheaper gas!  We went back at had dinner that evening at Sara’s Table and enjoyed a blueberry malt at the Portland Malt Company.

On Sunday, we enjoyed our final breakfast at Cotton Mansion and then ventured out to look for some pottery.  We had originally planned to attend church but did not make it because of breakfast.  We then met up with our friend Charlene who lives in the area and we were treated to lunch at her home and there were other friends there also from the Twin Cities.  Charlene prepared a wonderful lunch and we enjoyed great conversation and good fellowship.  We left Charlene’s and wanted to catch a couple of other things, one included a visit to Leif Erickson Park and the Rose Garden. We also were able to visit the Glensheen Mansion before heading home.   We headed home about 6 pm and hit road construction again, and made it home by 9:30 pm.  We enjoyed our trip and look forward to taking Joseph with us next time (before winter).

Duluth is a very nice city, relatively smaller than the Twin Cities (90,000 pop).  It is a nice place to visit, but I would not want to live there because of the extreme weather conditions in the winter.  The hills would make me nervous driving them in the ice and snow.  Duluth reminded me of several different places:  New Ulm – because the city is up against a mountain and seems to roll-away from the mountain towards the water; San Francisco – because of the many hills.  If you want to get your car airborne here, you will be able to do it with ease (not recommended);  Santa Barbara – because of the number of tourists and the proximity to a body of water.

Thanks again to the staff at the Cotton Mansion for making our stay very pleasant and providing two outstanding breakfasts.  We look forward to returning again soon!

Thanks to our friend Charlene for helping us with places to go, eat, and for hosting for us lunch on Sunday afternoon!


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