Acapulco Restaurant – New Brighton, MN

Last Friday evening we decided to try a new place that we saw while stuck in traffic on the way back from Duluth a few weeks ago.  We went to the Acapulco Restaurant which has several locations throughout the Twin Cities.  We tried the location in New Brighton which was the closest to where we live.

This location is at the end of a strip mall and across from an LA Fitness location.  I figured that parking would be an issue but we were able to find a place to park with a short walk to the restaurant.  Once inside we were seated right away.  The resturant was moderately full on a Friday evening and the Vikings were playing so I knew it would be a good time to go eat.

They have an extensive menu with many different items to choose from, along with a selection of offerings on the kids menu.  My son had the chicken rings and he enjoyed them!  We enjoyed the complimentary chips and salsa and found it very unique that they serve the salsa in a mini decanter.  The salsa was good, not hot and spicy.  It was better than most, but not my favorite.  They had several different soups on the menu and my wife and I tried the sopa pollo (chicken soup).  We each had a cup and found out that this was probably some of the best chicken soup around.  I would not hesitate to order a bowl the next time we are there.  I had the Santa Fe Salad which I enjoyed.  My wife had a grilled chicken wrap which was served with sweet-potato fries.   I also enjoyed their homemade avocado dressing.  I would not want to know the fat content of that dressing, but it was very good.  They should consider bottling that dressing.

I apologize for not taking pictures.  Some bloggers take pictures of the food and the locations that they write about.  I prefer the opportunity of improving my writing skills by attempting to paint word pictures and give descriptions that would give the reader the opportunity to try a place or a dish rather than judge it by a less than stellar photograph.

If you want authentic Mexican food and are tired of the chain offerings for such cuisine here in the Twin Cities, then Acapulco is a place for you to try and enjoy.  Give it a try and leave a comment.  If you have been here before leave a comment on your experience as well!


One response to “Acapulco Restaurant – New Brighton, MN

  1. Stuart Blessman

    Sweet potatoe fries are “authentic Mexican food”?


    Try EL LORO in Crystal. They have this grill platter that is to die for…

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