Can we really limit speech – Political Correctness gone too far!

Recently, I was made aware of a situation where I work regarding a person in authority told a subordinate that they were not allowed to use a certain word.  That word was “huddle” .  When I first heard this, I laughed and thought that it was a bit over the top.  I then inquired as to why the prohibition against the word usage.  I was told that the word “huddle” reminded this individual of sweaty football players and the violent nature of football itself.  I was still in shock because the context in which it was being used was a meeting to go over some strategy.  I felt like the usage was creative and no meaning of violence was created.

After I had time to think and process this, it made me angry for several reasons:

1) Outside of using speech that is either unprofessional or rude in nature.  This individual should have not been rebuked.

2) I was reminded of an incident I had with this individual some time back and I used the word “rant” to describe a caustic email that I had received.  I was told that “we do not use words like this”

3) The person who objects to words like “rant” and “huddle” is a staunch liberal and has no shame  in dropping not-so-subtle hints regarding their liberal ideologies.

4) What is worse is that this action will go unchecked.  The person directly involved will not discuss it further with senior mgmt because they fear for their job and the doctrine of political correctness in speech will continue to be propagated unless someone says something

If I were involved, believe me, I would speak up and go as far up the chain of command that I could!  This is not about just controlling someone’s words, it is about freedom of speech in general!  What is worse is that this person has managed to make it into a substantial leadership position in the company that I work for.

What would you do?  Comments are welcome and encouraged!


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