Sharpening your skills and learning

I enjoy the fact that at my job depending on what task I am working on, that I am able to listen to numerous podcasts while working.  I enjoy this because I am able to learn more about what I am passionate about (Bible, God, theology, etc) while I am working.

One of the podcasts that I enjoy listening to is that of the Albert Mohler Radio Program.  As you may or may not know, Dr. Mohler is the President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary located in Louisville, KY.  He also hosts a daily radio program as well.  I particularly enjoy the “Ask Anything Wednesday” shows for two reasons:  1)  There is a variety of questions and really good thought provoking ones!  2)  It allows me to attempt to think fast on my feet.  I will never match the abilities and skills of Dr. Mohler, but while I am listening, I try to think about how I would answer the question that is being asked.  A good way to sharpen your thinking and reasoning skills and learning in the process.


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