Things to think about… mind download

I have been swamped with seminary classwork/homework lately along with my work schedule.  I am hoping to get back on a regular posting schedule soon.

In the meantime, here are some things to think about.  These are things that I have either read or heard.  Forgive me in advance for not including the source, some of these are things I wrote down in my moleskine.

If we truly believe in congregational polity, then why are matters brought to the congregation last?

The Christian life is not to be lived out in isolation, but rather in the community of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ – R. Albert Mohler, Jr. – 8/5/2009

Where has God placed you where you can be an influence for the gospel?

If local church membership is not central to your spiritual life, then you are slowly shriveling and becoming loveless without even knowing it – Thabiti Anyabwile

Do I really know what I believe in light of 1 Peter 3:15?

In referring to the early church in comparison today, “They really knew each other, so they knew who had needs.  Community is meaningful, not just casual conversation in the back of the church.”

Whatever I love preeminently will become my one true god – Dr. Dale Burke

Do people who excel at foreign languages do so because they have a great command of the English language?  I am asking this rhetorically of those who speak English as their native language


Again, nothing heavy here, just some things to think about…


One response to “Things to think about… mind download

  1. Question for you re your comment: “If we truly believe in congregational polity, then why are matters brought to the congregation last?”

    1.) Believing in congregational polity, what matters do you believe should and should not be brought before the congregation?
    2.) Do you believe these should be brought before the congregation first? Why?


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