ETS – Is it worth it?

This week marks the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in New Orleans, LA.  My introduction to ETS was a few years ago during the Clark Pinnock/Open Theism controversy.  I decided to join as a student member later on but then let my membership lapse for two reasons:  1) I never really thought that I could participate in any meaningful way  2) The Francis Beckwith situation was discouraging to say the least.

I know of at least three professors from the seminary that I attend will be there this week.  I know at least one of the three is presenting a paper.

I was wondering if ETS would be a place where a student could be mentored or if it would be the equivalent of throwing him into a pack of hungry lions?  I ask the question because I know of three of our professors that are at ETS, but I am not aware (I may be wrong) of any of our students who either went with them or on their own to ETS.   At the same time, I have also been reading Dr. Russell Moore’s Twitter and Facebook updates and he has with him two doctoral students from SBTS that he is giving the grand tour of New Orleans, but I believe one of them is also presenting a paper at ETS.  I can imagine that there is a lot of informal teaching and mentoring that will take place during the time at ETS.  Which brings me back to my question and asks another one…. Why do Independent Baptists really fall short when it comes to a real mentoring type relationship?  We may be big on the teaching, dialogue and lecture, but fall woefully short when it comes to actually letting the mentee do something!  Are we afraid that the mentee will embarrass us or make us look bad?  Is the mentee not qualified enough?

I won’t even attempt to answer these last questions…. I have answers but I will wait to see what comments are posted in response to posing them in the first place.


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