Weak, anemic response from Wells Fargo

I did not expect much from Wells Fargo… here are the responses that I received from them on Twitter.  Not sure why they have a Twitter feed, unless they are trying to get practice at dodging customers concerns.

We understand your frustration and do appreciate your feedback and will share it internally.

We understand ur concerns. Pricing change impacts virtually all custs as current biz environmnt has made it necssry 4 increase.

The second response amazes me because the “business environment” as they said makes it necessary for an increase.  I could see an increase from 4 to 9 or 10 percent, which I would term a reasonable increase of 5-6 percentage points, but they are not far from what they would term a default interest rate.  I call it greed at the expense of the US Taxpayer!

I guess they are not big on customer retention… The same people who pledged the $$ to bail them out to the tune of $25 billion are the same people they will insult and offend by their predatory tactics.

I am still in the process of looking for another bank or credit union.


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