Seminary Starts Tuesday — My last semester!

If you could not tell from the title, the excitement is building for me as I get ready for my last semester here at Central Seminary.  I am excited after eight long years of study, that this part of my educational journey will be complete.  I have learned a lot about the Bible, about God, and about myself during this process.  I came here single and I am married and have one son.

This will be a challenging semester because I will be taking 9 credit hours.  When I first came to Central in 2002, I started off with 9 credit hours and now I will be finishing with 9 credit hours.  This will be a challenge because 9 credit hours is a lot of work especially at the graduate and post-graduate levels.  I will also be working full-time 40-45 hrs a week along with having my family responsibilities.

The classes that I will be taking this semester are as follows:

NT 572 – New Testament Biblical Theology II – A study of the theology of the Pauline Epistles.  I took NTBT I a couple of years ago (Gospels) and this was a good elective for me.  I am especially looking forward to this class.  It is taught by Dr. Jonathan Pratt, who I have had for other NT classes.

OT 701- Hebrew Reading and Exegesis – This is concentrating more on exegesis for sermon preparation.  My grades may not reflect it, but I enjoy Hebrew.  I just wish I could master it better.  I am looking forward to this course because it will force me to be a better student of the Hebrew language and of the Old Testament.  This class is taught by Dr. Roy Beacham.

ME 601 – Foundation of Missions – Like the title says, this is a foundational course in missions.  I look forward to this course because I know at some point we will be talking/discussing about mission agencies and since I was employed as an administrator of a Baptist mission agency, I look forward to contributing to the conversation as well as learning about other aspects of missions.  This is another elective that will complement the class I took in 2008 about Cross-Cultural Missions.  This class is taught by Dr. Jeff Straub.

ME 501 – Personal Evangelism – another elective course.  This course is about the study of evangelism in the life of the local church.  This course is taught by Lee Ormiston.

I also have 10 textbooks that I need to purchase soon.  I have been doing a lot of price comparisons and I will get those purchased once classes start to make sure that I have all the books I need and that the professors have not made any changes.

Please pray for God’s provision with regard to the tuition this semester.  This is by far the most expensive semester that I will have here at Central.

I am also in the process of finalizing my resume (I am waiting for the last of my references to grant me permission) and looking for potential full-time vocational ministry opportunities.  I am also waiting to see if I am accepted for post-grad studies at SBTS in Louisville, KY.  At this stage, I am not sure if I will be accepted at SBTS, but I am waiting for the official word.

All in all, this will be an exciting few months on the journey.  As a family, we will be learning about patience and the will of God during this time along with many other things that God has in store for us.  Pray that God will lead us to the right place of service for His glory.  Pray for us to be faithful to God.


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