The best pizza ever!

Tonight, in the Twin Cities,  Punch Pizza was running a promotion as a result of the Vikings loss.  They were giving away pizzas if you had a coupon that they issued last night for $5.95.  I happened to hear about the promotion on Twitter last night after the game.   I let my wife know about it and we decided to give it a try tonight.  We figured that there would be a lot of people, but free pizza is free pizza.  My wife has been to Punch before, so she forewarned me that the Wayzata location is small so we might have to wait outside.  We did wait outside, but the line moved fairly quickly.

My wife ordered a Napoli pizza and I had the Margherita pizza along with the Chopped Italian Salad.  The pizza and salad were outstanding!  The salad reminded me of the the 1905 salad at the Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine, FL.

Punch did a great job with this promotion and used Twitter to draw in some business as well as new customers like me and now as a result, I will be a returning customer (when I get some $$ of course)

I have eaten a lot of pizza in my lifetime, but this was the best and the most authentic outside of Italy.

I am now enjoying my last bit of freedom before seminary starts tomorrow at 7:30am!


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