Interesting landscape

The closer I am getting to graduation (May 8th) the more excited I am getting about what lies ahead.  Years ago, when I graduated from college,  I felt uneasy because I was watching my friends and colleagues getting various ministry opportunities literally dropped in their laps and I felt a bit inferior because nothing was coming my way and nothing did for almost 7 years.  I labored under the delusion that I was a second-class citizen even though I had a Bible college degree but was working in a secular job.  I felt for a long time that I had wasted my money and that my degree was worthless.  Many people were very patient and kind and listened to my whining about this situation.  Back then, not having a place to minister full-time was a real tragedy for me.  Now fast-forward almost 20 years and I am faced with the same situation that I was faced with in 1992 but with a bit more age and hopefully maturity.

We have been praying since the beginning of the year for God to direct our steps and to show us where He would have us to minister and serve.  I have also been looking on many websites that are available for the prospective ministerial candidate ( and others).  We do not know what God has for us currently.

What I have noticed on some of these websites are a plethora of opportunities for those who are wanting to pursue youth ministry and those who are musically gifted.   I have also noticed that if someone wants to compromise their theology and/or musical standards that there are plenty of opportunities to minister in less conservative settings, but if one wants to remain fairly conservative both theologically and musically, the opportunities are quite scarce.

Nevertheless, we will keep praying for God’s guidance and I will keep searching the websites to see what possible opportunities are out there for our family.  The good thing is that if nothing is available by graduation, we can still stay right where we are and I can keep my job (with a definite schedule change).  We love serving at our church and enjoy the fellowship with God’s people.

A lot of people have been asking about SBTS.  I have not heard any further word and do not expect to until I take the GRE.  The delay in doing so has been a scheduling conflict (work and seminary) and financial ( the test is $150) but my goal is to have the test taken sometime before the end of March)  Once the test is taken and test scores are submitted to Southern Seminary (within 10 days), then I will expect to hear either way if I am accepted or rejected.  If I am not accepted, I will have a brief spell of disappointment, but will also realize that is the will of God for our lives.  Part of me would like to live in Louisville and have the ability to minister full-time in a church setting alongside of postgraduate studies, but I have to remember that I have to submit myself to the will of God and not my will.

Right now, I have a lot of reading, Hebrew translation and exegetical work along with some papers and projects that will definitely keep me busy from now until the end of April.  Please pray that God will give me the grace, strength, health, and financial provision to complete this part of the journey.


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