Burger… anyone

Recently, I have noticed an up-tick of specialty burger places here in the Twin Cities.   Several years ago, things were pretty hum-drum until the arrival of Red Robin.  Then recently, we have had the arrival of Smashburger and now Burger Jones.

My family and I had the opportunity to try this place at the insistence of a friend who suggested that I try it and write a review.

We went about 7:00 pm on Friday evening and found it quite busy, which is a good sign. We did not have a long wait.  We had already looked over the menu while we were waiting, so it was not an agonizing process of trying to decide what to order.

We each ordered a cheesburger and customized it to our own liking.  I had pepper jack cheese and salsa on mine.  My wife had mushrooms on hers.  We also ordered fries.  Instead of ordering the tower, we each ordered an individual order.  I had the parmesan waffle fries with ranch dressing.  My wife had the sweet potato fries with the smoked tomato ketchup (which was really good).  Joseph had the standard kids meal – burger and fries, which he seemed to enjoy.  To end our dinner, we ordered one of the shakes (strawberry and banana) and split it three ways so everyone could enjoy some.

All in all, this was a positive experience and I expected to spend more $$ than I did.  We will go back as finances permit.  Maybe next time, I will get adventurous and try one of the chili burgers?!

If you are looking for a plain ole hamburger, this is not the place.  Definitely a specialty burger place!


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