On the downhill slide…

towards seminary graduation.

Things will be moving fast and furious these next few weeks.  Here is a sampling of what I am facing until May 9th

Preaching this Sunday in Redwood Falls, MN

My doctrinal statement is due on Monday 3/29 at 9AM

Preaching in International Falls, MN on Easter Sunday

My oral doctrinal defense before the seminary faculty will be Thursday 4/8 at 7:30 am

My senior sermon in chapel is on Tuesday April 20th

Big 15 page research paper on Church Discipline in the Pauline Epistles is due Tuesday April 27th

Another 15 page research paper is due for missions class on Thursday April 29th

A 4-5 page assessment paper along with the presentation for the Church Discipline paper on Tuesday May 4th

Final exams – 5/6 and then graduation on Saturday May 9th.

I did not enumerate my reading and other assignments that have to be completed (Hebrew) but these listed above are the major ones!

Please pray for strength and wisdom in the days ahead.. Excuse me for not writing more,  I have to go back to my homework.  Will post more later.


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