Five Guys in Maple Grove

Last night we had the opportunity to visit the new Five Guys location in Maple Grove.  We have been waiting for this for a while.  Even though nothing will dethrone In-N-Out Burger as the best burger anywhere, we have some good places here in MN that are good alternatives since In-N-Out is a West Coast thing.

We arrived a bit after 6PM and my wife had to be somewhere by 7 PM, the line was a bit long but I was watching it and it moved fast.  We learned a few things since our first visit last summer:  1) No need to order a regular burger, too much meat.  2) One regular order of fries is enough for two adults and a child.  We each had a little burger and we all enjoyed them.  One of the best things is that they offer a fair amount of toppings for your burger and they are all FREE.  I especially liked that I can order green peppers on my burger!   We also saw two people from our church there enjoying the food as well.  My wife left on time for her event and my son and I enjoyed the time together eating our food and watching all of the people come and go.

This location will do well and I am glad that another good place has located within Maple Grove.  It beats driving all the way to Edina for a burger.  Twin Cities locals will understand what I mean.  When my dad comes to town, I will get to try a Juicy Lucy for the first time.


One response to “Five Guys in Maple Grove

  1. Neglect not the Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie as the best burger in Minnesota.

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