Quick post…

This is a busy week… I wish I could write more, but I will be able to after Thursday…

I have a lot of things to accomplish before Thursday at 12:30 pm.  I have two final exams both on Thursday – one at 8:00 am and then one at 10:30.

I have one exam that is a take-home exam that is due by Thursday at noon.

I have a paper presentation tomorrow in our Theology of the Pauline Epistles class.  My paper was on Church Discipline in the Pauline Epistles.  I have not decided if I will revise the paper and then post it in the papers section or if I will post it as is.  I am working on a PowerPoint presentation for that tomorrow.

Wednesday, my last Hebrew assignment is due (sermon from Psalm 121 and last vocabulary quiz)

I am working Tuesday and Wednesday along with all of this academic stuff…

Graduation is Saturday at 10:30…. Thursday is fast approaching, so I will sign off for now and will fill-in-the-blanks after Thursday afternoon..

Please pray for strength and wisdom.  I would like to finish strong in the midst of all of this work!


3 responses to “Quick post…

  1. Have you thought about a ThM at Southern? Sometimes an intermediate degree is a good stepping stone. But then again, a doctorate is not for everyone and often it’s really not needed. Also, if you are willing to preach in an area where the gospel has been preached, then there are typically many churches in southern Indiana and north-central KY that are looking for pastors–granted you’ll likely have to be bi-vocational…

    • Paul, I applied for that and my grades were not good enough to get admitted. I also heard that competition is intense to get into some programs at SBTS because of the sheet number of people applying to get in. Right now, I think I am going to take a break and enjoy being done with the MDiv. and reassess later on. I think my wife was a little disappointed that we were not moving to Louisville. I think our family might need a change in scenery… but not sure where the Lord will take us at this point. No offers currently..

  2. Brett Williams

    Finish well my friend!!!!!

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