La Casita – almost a disaster

Last night we had the opportunity to try a new place that we have passed by a couple of times and curiosity got the best of us.  We tried La Casita in Columbia Heights last night for dinner.   The parking lot was full, so I thought we might have to wait.  I was surprised when we were seated right away.  The lobby of this restaurant is one of the largest I have ever seen, complete with a nice fountain.  If one has to wait, then this is not a bad place to do it.  From what I could tell, they have two dining rooms (one to the left and one to the right with the bar in the middle between the two).

We were seated right away and we almost did not eat here because it took almost 8 minutes for us to be waited on.  I know if my mother were still alive and if she were here, she would have left at the 5 minute mark.  We stayed and I am glad that we did.  The food was outstanding even though the service was seriously lacking.

My wife and I tried each of their soups.  I had the black bean soup and she had the tortilla soups.  Both soups are homemade each day and they were outstanding.  The chips and salsa were good.  Chips were okay, salsa was great ( a bit spicy, but I do not mind that). I had the Baja tacos which were outstanding and my wife had the one of the salads (I cannot remember the exact salad, I think it was the Southwestern Chicken salad).

We hope the service improves if we visit again.  This could have been a disaster, but the food quality made up for the lack of service.


3 responses to “La Casita – almost a disaster

  1. La Casita is pretty bomb…I’ve only been to the one in Rosedale…been to El Loro in Crystal yet?

  2. Broadway and Bass Lake Rd

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