An old favorite… revisited

Tonight we went to dinner (as is our usual custom/tradition on Fridays) at an old favorite for me, but the first time for my wife and son.

We went to Jason’s Deli in Eden Prairie.  This is a new location for the Twin Cities.  I have been to Jason’s Deli quite often when I lived in Jacksonville, FL.  It has been at least eight years since I have been there, so I was definitely looking forward to our visit.  I heard about this location from a tweet from one of our distinguished local news reporters who seems to have a penchant for food,  Jason DeRusha from WCCO.  I saw Jason’s tweet and was surprised that the Twin Cities actually got another decent eating establishment I knew was good and would represent quality.  Jason’s only gripe was the price of the soft drinks at $1.99 which is a bit expensive, but that is where eating establishments make their profit (another post for another time). I enjoyed reading his tweets and comments about the new establishment.

We arrived around 7:30 pm and found the place quite busy with people arriving for take-out orders as well as those dining in.  The menu has definitely changed in eight years.  My wife had the salad bar.  My son had a ham & cheese wrap.  I had a Pecos Grill sandwich (turkey, avocado, swiss cheese, pico de gallo, bacon, onion) along with a cup of southwest chicken chili. I thoroughly enjoyed my food and was remembering some great times that I shared with co-workers over lunch at the Jason’s Deli in Jacksonville, FL.  My wife really enjoyed the salad bar and said that she wished that we lived closer because she could eat there every day!  Maybe it is time for me to get a higher paying job to afford that request. We each tried of one those $1.99 beverages. We tried the Organic Pomegranate Melon Green Tea.  When I ordered it, the clerk advised me to try it because I might not like it. We enjoyed it, but it was definitely a different taste than what we expected.  To complete the evening, we all had a small dish of the free vanilla soft serve ice cream complete with dark chocolate topping (the ice cream is free with the meal).

We will be back and will probably take friends and out of town guests here.  The food is outstanding.  Prices are a bit higher, but you get what you pay for.

The menu states:

In every deli, select meats and real cheeses are sliced fresh daily, original family recipes are made in deli kitchens, organic ingredients go into dozens of menu items and market fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered 6 days a week…so the same sensational, just right, handful of a Reuben that’s a hit in Virginia Beach can be enjoyed in Vegas.

What’s not in Jason’s Deli food is just as important.  0% artificial trans fats, 0% processed MSG, 0% artificial colors & dyes and o% high fructose corn syrup (except in some fountain drinks)

With a commitment to quality and good food, I can see that Jason’s Deli will be very successful, especially since Eden Prairie was just named the #1 place to live in the US by Money Magazine (dethroning another MN favorite, Plymouth).  Only regret, is that it is a distance away from where we live.

Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes – I am still waiting for you to make an attempt to penetrate this market and see that you will succeed and have a niche here where no else would be competing with you!  You have would the market to yourselves.


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