It’s not who you are…

but who you know!

I had an insightful conversation with my Dad earlier this week.  He asked me how things were going in my ministry search and I told him ok.  I told him that I had mailed my resume to a prospective church earlier last week and that I found out that I was one among 100 others who mailed their resumes also.  He reminded me about the power of a personal reference.  He told me about several jobs that he obtained because he received a favorable reference from someone else.  He told me that back in the 1960’s and 1970’s how these references helped him advance in his career field (My dad is a PGA Golf Professional).  He also reminded me how he was able to use his influence to help others.  He said that he received calls from time to time to help other people in their career endeavors.

My dad brought up a great principle!  I may not be connected to many people who might be able to help me in ministry, but I do know the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!  I still believe that God can use people in accomplishing his ultimate purpose!


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