Trying something different..

Most everyone knows that Frank Sinatra sang the song, “I did it my way”.  I won’t get into the details of what I really think of that song.  I could say that I did what Sinatra was talking about in relation to ministry placement.  I did what I knew and I found out after eight months, that it is getting me nowhere.

So, I decided to do something different based on a conversation that I had with my dad.  We were talking recently and he was asking me how things were going with finding a ministry opportunity.  I shared with him that I was discouraged and that there was not a whole lot of opportunities available.  If I was trained musically or had experience working with youth, I would probably be employed in either of those areas and would have probably had a plethora of choices in either area.  My dad shared with me how years ago, he got two jobs based solely on the verbal/written recommendation of people that he knew (friends & colleagues) and how that when he was in a position of great influence, he was also able to return the favor by helping others in the same manner that he was helped.

So, today with much trepidation, I composed an email and sent it to 30 people whom I consider to be close friends and associates to enlist their help in this endeavor.  I am interested to see what kind of response I receive (while I was composing this, I received two encouraging emails from two men, thanks to them!)

I have looked at every ministry placement website known to man and I remembered that some of the best opportunities are not necessarily listed. When the pastorate of the church I attend become vacant in 2007, they did not list the opportunity on any websites, but rather took suggestions from the church members.

So, I am not necessarily stopping my search, but just trying something different in hopes that it may lead to better potential opportunities for full-time service in the Lord’s work!

Thanks for reading!  Comments welcome and appreciated


One response to “Trying something different..

  1. Good idea! I hope it works out for you.

    Incidentally, that’s how I got my current position here at Zion. So it can work!

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