Famous Daves Revisited

I realize that my last post about Famous Daves may have been a bit harsh, but sometimes those things will lead to improvements.  Last Friday, when my wife was away at a ladies retreat, my son and I went to Famous Daves.  I initially was not going to go because I did not want to be disappointed again, but we went because he had a free kids meal postcard, so I figured we could risk trying it again.

After about a 20 minute wait, which was not bad for a Friday evening, we were seated and definitely hungry!  We were greeted by Eric who we have developed a friendship with. Eric is a great server, very friendly and very customer focused!  I decided to avoid the brisket and was still a bit upset about the tri-tip being gone.  I played it safe and ordered one of the boneless wings combos and my son decided to go with a cheeseburger.  Not exactly BBQ fare, but when you are hungry, it will do.

Not only was the service great and the food was very good!

I did tell Eric about our last experience with the beef brisket and he gave me some good advice and I learned a couple of new things about brisket.


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