iOverload – do we have too many devices?

I was thinking the other day about all of the devices that we have available to us and the sheer power that those devices have.  Who would have thought that we would be able to use a cell phone or properly termed a “smart phone” like a laptop?

We have an unbelievable number of devices available to us for various tasks:

Most of us have either a laptop or a desktop computer used for various things.  The desktop is just that, a computer that sits on the top of a desk or table.  Not very portable, but very powerful and useful for a host of things.  I have two laptops at home (one old one – Toshiba, that is mainly used by my son to play games on, and one MacBook which I received as a graduation gift to replace the aging and slow Toshiba).

Then there is the iPod – (We have an old Red one – received as a gift and I also have an iPod touch) The iPod touch is a great device – you can do a lot of things on it (email, calendar, listen to music, surf the web, use Facebook & Twitter and many other things).  The famous saying is “there is an app for that!”

There is also the iPhone – looks like the iPod touch and has the same functionalities as the touch except it can make calls.  The iPod touch is dependent on Wi-Fi technology to access the internet, whereas the iPhone can use either the wi-fi or cellular technology to access the internet.  Now with the upgrade of both the iPod touch and iPhone – FaceTime can be used to communicate like Skype.

Moving away from the iPhone and iPod, we find one of the newest devices to make its entrance on the scene, the iPad — Apple’s answer to a tablet computer.  The iPad has been a big hit with consumers. It lacks a camera and a few other things, but seems to meet a need that exists.

Amazon also has a device that takes reading books to a new level.  The Kindle has also been retooled and is now thinner and lighter.  The Kindle can be used to read books, PDF’s and some blogs.  The Kindle cannot make calls, surf the web, or take pictures.

Recently, I have been in the Apple store for issues related to my wife’s iPod nano, while waiting, I have played with the iPad and find it a very nice machine.  However, for me, it would be a tough justification for another device.  I already have a MacBook and an iPod touch, but what would I need an iPad for?  The iPad is nice (at $499 or $599 depending on functionality and features), but isn’t it a bit redundant with the MacBook or iPod touch?

I have thought about the Kindle also, but then I also found out that a Kindle app is available for the MacBook (which I recently downloaded).  So if I have the Kindle app on my MacBook, then I really do not need a Kindle – I just saved some money.

I am not against technology.  I ask the question, “Isn’t there a bunch of redundancy between devices (phones, iPods, Kindles, laptops, etc.) I would think that the best solution would be to find a device that meets all of the needs.  The iPad comes close and would be closer if it had a camera on it.  If Apple took the same features on the new iPhone 4 and iPod touch and added them to the iPad, that could almost make the MacBook obsolete.

Your thoughts….



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