A quick look back at 2010

Well, I am sitting here at my desk and it has just started to sleet here in MN which will eventually turn over to freezing rain and then snow, I thought that I would do a quick “year in review” post.

January – seminary resumed

March – I took the GRE exam, seminary Spring Banquet, preached at Rock Falls Baptist Church in Mondovi, WI and Harvest Baptist Church in Redwood Falls, MN

April – Oral doctrinal defense before the faculty of CBTS; celebrated my 41st birthday and my son’s 4th birthday.  I also preached my Senior Sermon in chapel at CBTS and gave my Senior Testimony.  Received my rejection letter from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (I was looking to do ThM or PhD work at Southern and was not accepted).  Preached Easter Sunday at FBC International Falls, MN.

May – preached a funeral for a dear friend who passed away;  I finally finished my MDiv degree at CBTS after almost 8 long years.  Preached at Calvary Baptist Church in Cambridge, MN

June – preached at Grace Baptist Church in Cameron, WI

July – took a mini-weekend vacation to Duluth and preached at FBC International Falls, MN.  Celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  I was elected to serve as a deacon at Fourth Baptist Church and was also re-appointed to serve on the Missions Committee.

August – preached at Grace Baptist Church, Boyceville, WI – doing pulpit supply for two consecutive Sundays while the Pastor was on vacation.

September – preached at Calvary Baptist Church in Granada, MN (my in-laws home church), elected to serve as Secretary of the CBTS Alumni Association

November – we celebrated Thanksgiving at home this year because my in-laws were getting ready for their “snowbird” journey to Florida for the winter.

December – we were able to go to Florida for a vacation.  Family went ahead of me, they drove down with the in-laws and I flew down on the 2nd of December.  We missed all of the snow and such and we even got to stay an extra day in Florida due to our flight being cancelled.  We celebrated Christmas twice – once in Florida with in-laws and then here at home as a family.

Some other things of interest:

  • We both made less money this year than last – significant decrease, God is good in allowing us to give more to our local church than we did in 2009 considering the income decrease for us (over $3500.00 less income than 2009)
  • I sent out over 15 resumes in search of full-time pastoral ministry opportunities.  No interviews
  • Did a lot of pulpit supply this year (March -Sept) most preaching I have done in a year.  Preached over 22 times in 2010.

Not being in full-time ministry is extremely discouraging and unsettling for us because we are not in a position to put down roots (buy a home, etc.).  It would be foolish of us to start that process here and then have to undo it because of receiving a call somewhere else.  We will continue to pray as we have during the previous year for God’s guidance in this area regarding ministry.

We are excited about 2011 because it is a New Year and we do not know what God has in store for us.

Stats regarding the blog:

We had 2,142 vists to the blog this year, which is less than 2009 which had 2,959 visits.  That is probably due to my writing less this year due to seminary concerns from January – May.

It is also interesting to see the top posts that get the most attention.

The #1 post is my post regarding Dan Conry being fired by Clear Channel (KTLK) back in May of 2008.  That post had 199 views this year.

2 -10 are as follows

My review of Acapulco Restaurant in New Brighton, MN – 124 views

Our post regarding our T-Mobile @ Home phone service – 79 views

The page which tells about the blog  – 72 views

Review of Five Guys in Maple Grove – 69 views

When God turned His back on Jesus – a link to a sermon preached by my friend Donald S. Whitney – 52 views

Review of Salad Creations in Maple Grove – 47 views

My post regarding my rejection to admission at Southern Seminary – 47 views

The right way to resign – regarding the resignation of Philip Graham Ryken from Tenth Presbyterian Church – 44 views

Review of Rojo Mexican Grill in St Louis Park – 36 views.

Thank you for taking time to read, comment, and pray for us!


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