Appreciate the transparency

I was sitting here watching the Congregational Meeting of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA.  They have called a new Senior Minister, Liam Goligher, effective May 15th.  I may not agree with some of the doctrinal positions of the Presbyterian church or the PCA, but I do sincerely appreciate the transparency with which they called their new Senior Minister!

What I also found extremely interesting that our Baptist brethren could learn from is the FULL DISCLOSURE of the compensation of the Senior Minister.  This was read aloud to the entire congregation.  No skirting the issue by saying that the salary would be determined by the deacons, etc.  They are a generous congregation and maybe we can learn something from them on how to treat a pastor.

The Senior Minister at Tenth Presbyterian receives the following:

  • $150,000 salary (housing allowance to be designated)
  • Health, Dental Insurance, Retirement, Ministry Expenses to be paid
  • 4 weeks of paid vacation
  • 2 weeks of study leave each year.
  • 12 week paid sabbatical after every 7 years of service.

Not a bad pay package for a pastor!


2 responses to “Appreciate the transparency

  1. Seems an appropriate compensation for that sized ministry.

    I too appreciate this level of transparency

    • Jim, you should watch the video. I did last night. Took about 40 minutes and I really believe that we as Baptist could learn a lot from our Presbyterian brothers and sisters on how to call a pastor! Praise the Lord for providing a Senior Minister for Tenth Presbyterian Church.

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