Dinner from a billboard



Picture Courtesy of Panera Bread


Last Friday while driving to work, I passed a billboard that is on my normal route, except this week it had changed.


Panera Bread had placed a picture of one of their new salads, Thai Chopped Chicken Salad on the billboard.  I saw it and said that would be good to try sometime.  We try to go out to eat as a family on Friday evenings if possible.  Little did I know that we would be going to Panera Bread later that evening.

When placing our order, we asked the clerk about the new salad and she highly recommended it and said that she was going to take one home for her son.  I being the risk-taker and one who is generally not afraid to try different food items (within reason) ordered the salad.  I highly enjoyed it and look forward to the next time that we visit Panera Bread.

Just to think that I ordered my dinner based on what I saw on a billboard! Who said that advertising doesn’t work?



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