Almost but not quite…

I was a bit excited when I received an email this afternoon that read the following:

We are pleased to inform you that after examining over one hundred applicants, yours was selected by the committee to pursue.

I was excited at first, but then decided to do some further checking and due diligence. I sent a reply to the search committee asking a couple of key questions, one question was fairly doctrinally significant (a non-negotiable for me).

I replied back after receiving their answer and clarification and withdrew my name from consideration because of the doctrinal issue.

I was encouraged to see some movement in this area, but discouraged because of the doctrinal difference that was the deal breaker. I am not naming the church because my intent is not to impugn them in anyway as they go through the process of finding their next Senior Pastor.

It could have been easy for me to turn away and attempt to ignore this doctrinal error. It would be one thing if there was some room to be able to teach, but when I was told that there was no opposition to this issue, I knew that if I went there that I would be fighting an uphill battle all the way. I am glad that God gave me the strength and the character to decline graciously while standing firm on Scriptural truths.

Maybe there will be further movement in this area!

UPDATE: I received another reply and was told that this issue was not worth splitting the church over. Interesting and very revealing. The issue related to their violation of 1 Timothy 2:12


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