An unusual day…reflections regarding work

Today started out a bit unusual, because I was able unable to make it to work due to the freaky snowstorm that we had here in the Twin Cities.  I went down and cleared off my car and attempted to back it out of the parking spot, except I was not moving because of the ice underneath the tires and the wet, heavy snow surrounding the car.  I tried a couple of times and decided that it is better not to burn rubber and the transmission at the same time.  The snow won that round.  I went back inside to regroup.  I called into work and left a voicemail regarding my dilemma. I figured that as soon as our parking lot and street were plowed that I could get into work. Well, we did not get plowed until 11:00 am and by that time the traffic was still bad and the snow was coming down.  So I took my first snow day in 9 years. I do not ever remember missing work because I could not get there!

Even though I enjoyed being home with my family, I still felt out of sorts because it was Wednesday and I am normally at work.  I was able to get some things scanned into Evernote and filed and my desk is staying cleaner than usual.  Now that I am almost at the end of the day (church was cancelled for this evening)  I am watching cars out the window come in and out and the road is very treacherous because of the slush and that will only get worse as the temperature drops below freezing.  I have been reflecting throughout the day about work and its place in my life.  I realize that we cannot escape work because work has been a part of our lives since Genesis 3:23.  As we read the Bible, we will see things like Proverbs 11:18 – The wicked man does deceptive work (NKJV) and where God calls people to a specific task (Acts 13:2 – Barnabas and Saul).  We also see in 2 Thessalonians 3 where Paul reminds the Thessalonians about the importance of hard and honest work.

We know that there are extremes with regard to work.  Undoubtedly, either we know someone who is a “workaholic” or maybe we are guilty of being one ourselves? On the other extreme, there are those who are lazy and insolent in regard to work.

I am currently in a position where I am employed by a company where I am not tethered to my job with a company issued laptop or smart phone.  I do not have the capability to bring work home or to work from home on days like today.  When I leave each day, I make a sincere attempt to leave work and its related problems and challenges at work.  They will be there when I return the next working day.

I was also having a conversation with someone earlier in the week with regard to worker productivity.  I shared with this person that it is tough in some areas (ministry) to measure productivity because most pastors do not have an expected output,etc.  Where I work, my work is tracked from beginning to end and there are audits of my work, reports telling how much work I have completed/accomplished, etc.  I think that goals can be set for everyone in the workforce, but they cannot be viewed in a “cookie-cutter” mentality. They have to be attainable, reasonable, measurable,specific, etc.

Work is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is tough when one does not necessarily enjoy what they do.  It becomes more of an economic necessity or as some would term it a “necessary evil.” For me, if I was financially well-off, I would still be involved in some form of work, because I would have a hard time sitting around doing nothing or doing aimless things all day just to pass the time.

All of this to say, that I am glad things happened the way they did.  It gave me a chance to attempt to understand the relationship that I should have with my current vocational employment and possibly ministry employment in the future and how that relationship should be shaped and formed around what the Word of God says.


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