Things have been quiet lately here

I realize that I have not written here at the blog in a while.  I know that there are some who advocate that you have to have content every day or every other day.  I do not write for the masses or the crowd like some bloggers do.  I enjoy writing but sometimes (I know it is hard to believe) I do not have anything to write about.

I am thankful for those who stop by and read from time to time in spite of my absence recently.  Everything is okay right now.  We are awaiting the birth of our daughter in August.  I am working full-time and still praying and pursuing possible opportunities for full-time vocational, pastoral ministry.  I have stepped away from teaching in order to assist in the outreach component of our ABF class.  Teaching the Bible is a great passion for me and I really enjoy doing it.  This summer, our church will be doing something different.  We will be meeting in homes for a study on the Gospel of John on Wednesday evenings for the months of July and August.  I have been given an opportunity to facilitate one of the groups, notice I did not use the word “teach” because even though it is a teaching time, my role is to help guide the teaching/discussion.  I am looking forward to this because it will keep me in preparation mode.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Hang on for the ride, the content is about to pick up.


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