Phrases that need to be banished

Recently, I have received a few rejection letters and they all contain phrases that need to be banished – never to be used again

I have archived your email with your qualifications and ministry resume should any openings come up in the future.

Translation:  I have either filed your email somewhere never to be found again or I have deleted it off my computer.  I have no intentions of ever contacting you again, but I did not want to be so blunt.

I have seen similar phrases in a secular job environment where they promise to keep your resume on file and contact you if any openings in your skill set are available.

One question – Has anyone ever sent their resume somewhere for consideration and then you were rejected and told the same thing?  Has anyone ever been contacted after the initial contact?

Like Jon Acuff has said – Stop saying polite lies!

Another one is the word “whatever”  – Now this one I have used before, but the more I hear it, the more distasteful and disrespectful it sounds.  It is almost like people use it in order to silence their opponent, kind of like a smart bomb in a video game that blows everything up.  So when you here that, it is almost as if you cannot reply to what was previously said.

“It is what it is” – this one makes no sense at all.  I hear it all the time in the workplace.  It is another one of those phrases that I would love to see become extinct quickly.  It is a cheap way of saying that you cannot change anything and rather than try you will give up and this phrase seems to be some sort of affirmation of that fact.

One term that drives me nuts – supper.  It sounds whimpy… Where I came from – lunch was the noon meal and dinner was the evening meal.  Supper just sounds so wimpy.  This is another word that I would love to see disappear from the vocabulary of many…

Just my thoughts here on a Friday evening and I welcome yours in the comments (except for spam)







One response to “Phrases that need to be banished

  1. I knew you weren’t a good Southern boy despite all your years in the South! “Supper” is the evening meal, “lunch” the midday meal, and “dinner” is a big meal in the middle of the day on Sunday or a holiday. Haven’t I taught you anything?! (Btw, don’t tell the redneck boys that “supper” is wimpy; they carry big guns!)

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