This really happened…

One Sunday evening, while I was helping in the collection of the evening offering, I saw something that I have only heard about and have never seen until that point. I was passing the offering plate during our observance of the Lord’s Supper. I was at the next to last row and as the plate came towards me I noticed that it was quite full, lots of loose bills. As it came to the end of the row, a lady put a $10 in and then started to grab money out of the plate. I grabbed the plate and told her that she could not do that. She said that she needed $7 back. I had heard of people making change, but this was unbelievable and she was not discreet by any means. When I got in the lobby and the other ushers were there, I told them what had happened and we got her $7 and I took it back to her discreetly.

Took a lot of guts to try to make change on the fly, but next time, make change before you leave home… or better yet, give the whole $10 and let God bless you later one instead of trying to nickel and dime God with the tipping that most people do!


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