Tax Time – Numbers, Numbers, and more Numbers

I am glad that my taxes have been done for sometime and that we have already received our refunds and unfortunately they have been spent (on good things like education and debt reduction.)

I noticed that the White House released the President and Vice-Presidents tax returns.  I took a moment to scan the returns and noticed something very interesting.  I noticed that the President gave over $172,000 to charity which is about 22.5% of his income and the Vice-President gave $5,500 to charity which is less than 5%.  Even though I disagree with our President in many areas, I am thankful that he seems to have a pre-disposition to give generously to charities (I may not agree with what he supports, but he seems to give generously).

What can we learn from this?  What is important to us, will be reflected in what   and how we spend our money and what and how much we give away.  If we say God is important to us, then does our checkbook reflect this priority? I am not getting into the tithing debate in this post, but want to challenge each reader to give generously!


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