Dry run at Rodizio Grill – Maple Grove

Sometimes it pays to be curious and be in the right place at the right time!

Tonight, we went over to Trader Joe’s to go shopping for a few items and we walked over to see the progress on Rodizio Grill and as we were walking around the outside, we saw a bunch of people inside and thought it might have been a private pre-open party.  As we were coming back around to go to Trader Joe’s, a gentleman came out and said that he needed a few hungry people and wanted to know if we had the time.  I said that I needed to check with my wife and he said to meet him at the door.  My wife declined, so Joseph and I went inside and she went shopping.

Our server came over and explained that this was a “dry run” for the staff and she brought us some appetizers and beverages.  She also explained the green and red disk that controlled the flow of the meat and other items.  We went and tried the salad bar.  I appreciated that everything was marked.  I have been to so many places that have a multiplicity of items and they are unmarked.  This was great because there were so many choices and everything was clearly marked.

After we finished the salad and appetizers, we turned the disc over to the green side and the meat started to appear.  Gauchos started appearing from the kitchen with all sorts of offerings.  We tried almost everything from beef sirloin, tri-tip, turkey wrapped in bacon, marinated chicken, sweet and spicy chicken, and Joseph had some grilled pineapple.  We both passed on the chicken hearts…even our server said that she was not brave enough to try them.  The food was outstanding and everything was wonderful!

When we had tried everything, we watched as the staff came out and sang Happy Birthday in Portuguese to one of the patrons.  We talked briefly with the training manager and the gentleman who invited us in (I presume he was one of the owners or a manager of some sort, a very friendly gentlemen), I gave them a couple of suggestions and told them that we would be back on Friday to celebrate my belated birthday (13th) and Joseph’s sixth birthday.  I thanked them again for allowing to us to do something that most people never get to do — eat at a restaurant before they open.  I told Joseph that this was a once in a lifetime event.

I am thankful that the NW Suburbs have a decent place to eat!  We have enjoyed Fogo de Chao in the past, but they are expensive and they are downtown.  Now we have a great place very close by and we do not have to go downtown.  Rodizio has a great selection and the prices are cheaper, but the quality is definitely present.  The staff takes great pride in their work!   Even the restroom was nice!

My wife has always said that I should become a food critic.  Not sure how I would get into that line of work?  For now, I will stick with writing my reviews as I have been here on this blog!

Thanks again Rodizio Maple Grove!  We look forward to dining again on Friday the 20th!



2 responses to “Dry run at Rodizio Grill – Maple Grove

  1. Thanks for the review… Had thought of going to Fogo de Chow to celebrate our daughters upcoming high school graduation, but now with Rodizio in our area, we’ll have to do that instead. You’ve been quite helpful. Thanks!

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