Talking Texas

Recently, Business Insider listed Texas as the 8th fastest growing state in the US.  Another article listed the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as the 2nd largest growing city in the US.  Another feature that makes Texas an attractive place to live from an economic standpoint is that it has no state income tax and is one of the top states for job growth.

For those of you who live in Texas,
what are some of the things that you like/dislike about living there, besides the heat, snakes, etc?

I hope to hear from some of you that live in the Dallas area as well as those who live in other parts of the state.


3 responses to “Talking Texas

  1. the first part of this is a great addition to your post.

    i’m from just outside of Austin. It’s AMAZING.

    nothing bad to say.

  2. My Mother and Sister (both widows) live in the Dallas area – specifically Arlington. We visit the area every year and have for the last 25+ years.

    Plusses: Housing is reasonable – I estimate half the cost as housing in the Twin Cities. No nasty winter weather

    Negatives: Traffic is terrible. The summer heat is oppressive. But I suppose that one could adjust to the summer weather just like we adjust to winter weather.

    We’ve also been to the Bryan – College Station area. I think nicer than Dallas-Fort Worth

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