Platform Launch Team

I have been reading Michael Hyatt’s blog for quite a while.  I can’t remember exactly how I found it, but once I started reading, I really enjoyed what I was reading and I was quite impressed that Michael found the time as a busy CEO (he is now Chairmen of Thomas Nelson) to blog.  Part of me was very curious how a CEO of a publicly traded company would be able to blog and not run afoul of the SEC and other regulatory agencies as well as the legal department of Thomas Nelson. (I never have asked Michael that question- who knows maybe he will answer it if he reads this post?!)

Recently, I saw where Michael was looking for volunteers to help participate in the upcoming launch of his new book Platform.  I figured this would be a great learning experience, so I thought I would apply.  I filled out a small questionnaire and waited to see what would happen.

To my surprise, I received the following email in my inbox on May 8th.

Congratulations! You have been chosen to be one of Michael Hyatt’s “Platform” launch team members.

I was shocked and honored at the same time.  Shortly after, I joined up in the private Platform Launch Team Facebook page and then I was overwhelmed.  There were people here who are successful authors, speakers, coaches.  I later found out that there were 764 people who applied to be a part of the group and they chose around 100 people and I was one of 100.  If I wasn’t intimidated before, I sure was now!

The emails started to come in regarding our advance copies of the book which I proceeded to make sure I had on my MacBook and iPad.  I will write a separate review about the book shortly.

I enjoy all of the interaction and the camaraderie that is taking place within the group.  People are asking a lot of good questions regarding the book and how it relates to their individual situation and others are chiming in ready to help in various ways.  It is almost like a family in many ways.

I sometimes wonder how or why I was chosen, but that is not for me to know.  I am glad that I can attempt to make some contributions along the way.  I am not an author, coach, or a business person of any significance. I am a seminary graduate with a heart for pastoral ministry who works for a Fortune 15 company to pay the bills!   I am hoping to have learned enough from the book to be able to make application in my own life and ministry so that I have a Platform to declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurting and needy world!

I will say more about the book in another post.

Have you heard of Michael Hyatt’s new book Platform?  If so, do you plan on purchasing a copy?  Let me know in the comments section.  I will post some details in a future post on how you can get some bonuses as a result of purchasing the book during the launch week of May 21st!  Stay Tuned!


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