Congregational Government Works

Courtesy of morguefile.comTonight at our church we had a business meeting involving a weighty matter regarding the sale of some property that we have owned for several years. We have probably heard the horror stories about business meetings that have gone bad.

Thankfully, we had a good meeting and our business was taken care of.  The things that stood out to me about this meeting were as follows:

  • Our pastor gave us a brief challenge regarding the need to pray diligently, listen carefully, etc.
  • There were people from all walks of life, young, old, etc.  I did notice that there were a fair amount of children there and they were able to see something take place that was done with decency and order.
  • Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions.  Many good questions were asked.
  • We did not rush to complete our business, but there was a thoughtfulness in the presentation of the business, the motion that was made and seconded and the vote that was eventually taken.

I can appreciate a church that seeks to make wise decisions in both large and small matters.  There are some who believe that congregational government is wrong or unbiblical.  My point in writing this was not to debate this issue, but just as a reminder that Congregational government within a local church works, if done properly.

Have you seen a time where congregational government worked well?  No horror stories please!


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