From My Wife -Part 2

I thought that our earlier question would illicit some discussion.  Even though it did not, I will answer the question from our perspective.

1.  We understand that this represents change from our own tradition of what we are used to.

2.  What we found in our experience was that it created several things

  • A competition-type mentality -where the best singers are in front of the congregation.
  • A distraction at best because the volume is turned up to the level of a rock concert where one hears and feels the bass and cannot hear the words.
  • A plethora of “7-11 songs” – modern songs where we would sing the same 7 verses 11 times.  Not sure of why this was done, but it is the practice of many churches.

3.  We do not attend church for the “worship experience” but rather for the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.  It seems like churches that employ worship teams do so to create some sort of “worship experience”

I understand that some churches have worship teams because they may not have a music director to coordinate the musical aspect of their worship services.

Personally, with what I have seen that I do not prefer a worship team because it blurs the lines of distinction between a church service and a rock concert.


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