A good article to read.. a paragraph that will get your attention

Justin Taylor recently did an interview with Russell Moore, the president-elect of the ERLC. I would encourage you to read that article here

There is one paragraph that stood out to me.  I have copied it below so you can read it.

I struggled with a calling to Christian ministry as a very young man, maybe twelve or so, but then drifted away from that toward a political career. A very risk-taking congressman, Gene Taylor of Mississippi (who was and is my hero), invested a lot of time and effort in me, giving me opportunities that I can’t imagine now why he would give to someone that green. My wife Maria and I dated with her on the campaign trail with me, at little county fairs and fundraisers all over south Mississippi. After I sensed the call to ministry, I wondered why God had allowed those years to go in that direction, and I suppose I assumed they were “Jonah to Tarshish” years, even though I thoroughly loved them. I now see something of how many of the threads of God’s providence fit together.

Did you notice where Russell Moore speaks about someone who made a difference in his life by giving him opportunities?  Are the days of people making substantial investments in the lives of others over?  Are there people out there willing to take a risk and heavily invest themselves in people?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


2 responses to “A good article to read.. a paragraph that will get your attention

  1. There are still people who investing heavily in the lives of others. In the truest sense, this is what disciple-making is. One of the best examples that I can think of is Brian Onken, who has been doing that with me and has done it with many others. Brian has worked with two well known apologetics and Bible teaching ministries, and later, a large church. Since leaving that church, he has used his teaching gifts primarily through his new ministry, The River, in Greenville, South Carolina. At The River, he is showing us how to apply what we know about how to read in order to read Scripture well, understand it consistently, and experience God joyfully.

    After having spent many hours with Brian, I can say confidently that there is a single reason why Brian is so willing to invest in others, both through The River and individually. It is because, having read Scripture well for a long time, and having had a living conversation with God in His Word, Brian has been captured by the idea that Jesus is the supreme treasure!

  2. I am glad to hear that you have found someone who is heavily invested in the lives of others and yourself included. It seems these days every is so busy that it is a rare find. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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