Stay Tuned..

I am sitting in DFW airport waiting to fly back to MN. This has been a good trip. Over the next few days, I will be posting various things. Allow me to catch my breath so to speak and I will start posting these in a few days. Thanks for your patience and for reading.


2 responses to “Stay Tuned..

  1. Have you considered buying a new home in TX? New homes can be found for under $ 150K. example (Caveat … not sure where you want to live!)

    • Yes eventually, but we would like to rent for a year to make sure that we have found the right location/neighborhood where we want to live long-term. I would hate to buy something and then find out that it is in the wrong location or the neighborhood is bad and then be stuck with it. Right now, the rental market is definitely a landlord’s market, low vacancies coupled with high demand. We looked at over 12 places and narrowed the list to 5, then narrowed it to 3, now it is down to 2 and we are waiting to hear from 1 of the 2. My biggest concerns right now are finding a decent church that I dont have to drive a long distance to get to and to find a decent school for Joseph. Thanks for asking

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